David Bauer

As a so called "Devsigner" I'm always interested in new opportunities and challenges.

I see my self at the sweet spot where code and design crisscross.

I've worked on different web-projects with various companies as an independent freelancer for several years.

I am improving my knowledge and my skills on a daily basis.

My priority is to seek for the optimal solution and bring progressive ideas to real life.

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  • I have a strong knowledge and interest in frontend technologies.
  • I understand user expectations.
  • I use standards-compliance coding practices.
  • I code Semantic HTML and CSS (Sass, BEM, …).
  • I code Cross Browser compatible websites/apps.
  • I code accessible markup.
  • I create responsive designs
  • I am focusing on usability in all of my projects.
  • I am familiar with UI-Design.
  • I am skilled with UX-Design.
  • I work with Sketch.
  • I optimise performance
  • I work with Git
  • I use Composer.
  • I prefer working with the CMS-Framework DRUPAL
  • I like using Twig
  • I work with Living styleguides.
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